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Thank you for choosing Dr. Jones as your healthcare provider. We want to make sure you are ready for your first visit, so please review the material below. See you soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hover over the FAQs below to receive answers to our most common questions

Depending on the treatment, you will likely see results in weeks and even days after your first visit. 
When will I start noticing any results?
Does Chiropractic treatment work?
Does Chiropractic treatment work?
Does Chiropractic treatment work?
According to an extensive WebMD study, 95% of Chiropractic patients are satisfied with their care. 
Why am I in so much pain?
The body is not meant for the stresses of modern day living. Likewise, our society is deficient in key vitamins and minerals required to repair the body. 
Is Chiropractic care safe for children and infants?
Yes! Many of our clients are children and small infants. Pain has no age limit. We have special tools made for each age group to adjust your child safely.
Do Herbs and Supplements really work? 
Absolutely. In fact, the scientific literature is crystal clear on the benefits of using Herbs and Supplements to sustain the healthiest life possible. 
Will an adjustment hurt or cause discomfort?
Usually not. Most times it causes very little discomfort. When adjusting after a fall or accident, the tender areas may be more sensitive when adjusting. 

Want to Decrease Your Wait Time?

To help things go as smoothly as possible on your first visit, we ask that you please download, print, and fill out the following first day paperwork so that we can see you right away! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask when you arrive to check in. Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

Insurance Policy

To see if Your Insurance Policy is covered at Jones Chiropractic, please call our office at 913-651-2500.
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